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"A few months ago, I realised I needed to update my resumé, and that’s when I came across this tool. I was sceptical at first because a lot of the other online resumé builders aren’t that great to use, and they try to make you do subscriptions at the end, but since giving it a go, I am happy I did. The resumé I made was viewed very positively by my employers."

"I would like to commend the team at ZYGAVERSE for the great work. The resumé building tool is very easy to use and has a lot of handy features. I liked that I could download my resumé in all different formats and store different versions for free. I recommend it to my friends because it is that valuable!"

Jordan A, Engineer

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ZYGAVERSE Resumé Building Tool

We know what it’s like when the time comes to apply for jobs, and you need to get your resumé affairs in order.

Either you’ve got one, but it’s so outdated, forcing you to redo it completely, or you’ve misplaced it, and you need to make a new one from the ground up.

In either case, it’s an annoying and confusing process…

  • How do you best format it?
  • What platforms can you use to speed up the process?
  • How should you lay it out?
  • How should you manage different versions?
  • Where does one even start?
  • What do hiring managers want to see?

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