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How much are unsuccessful interviews costing you?

Unsuccessful interviews cost you a lot in terms of time, money, and career success

  • You can waste months in a cycle of interviewing and waiting to hear back
  • You're missing out on new paychecks every week
  • You have to spend longer working in a job you hate
  • Your next career move is being put on hold indefinitely
  • You could end up paying upwards of $389 for interview coaching
  • You are missing golden opportunities

Don't lose out any longer, improve your interview performance ASAP!

The Hidden Art of Interview Hacking Course Outline

Module 1: First Impressions

  • First Impressions - An Introduction
  • Names and Brains
  • Appearance Matters
  • Dress for Success
  • Colour Psychology and Personality
  • The Law of Attractiveness
  • Handshake Analysis
  • Time to Shine
  • Module 1 Mini Quiz

  • Module 2: Social Proof
  • Introduction to Social Proof
  • What is Social Proof
  • The Neurophysiological Process
  • The Multiple Source Effect
  • Psychological Mechanisms of Action
  • Social Proof Summary
  • Module 2 Mini Quiz

Module 3: Likeability

  • Introduction to Likeability
  • Secrets of Self Disclosure
  • The Art of Questions
  • Projection of Liking
  • Complimentary Compliments
  • More of the Same
  • Trust Me
  • Likeability and Emotional Transferrence
  • Module 3 Mini Quiz

Module 4: Nonverbal Communication

  • An Introduction to Nonverbal Communication
  • Postural Priorities
  • Mirroring - The Chameleon
  • The Positives and Negatives of Body Language
  • Open and Closed Body Language
  • The Power of The Posture
  • Listen to Me
  • Eye Behaviour Analysis
  • Facial Mimicry
  • Emotional Contagion
  • The Happiness Epidemic
  • Hand Talk
  • Module 4 Mini Quiz

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The Hidden Art of Interview Hacking

Nobody should have to experience being ghosted after an interview. At a minimum, interviewers should have the common decency to touch base with you and let you know the outcome.

We also find it annoying when they lie about getting back to you and never do.

We crafted this course so that you never have to experience that again.

With the information presented in this internationally acclaimed, 2-hour university-approved short course, you will learn the Hidden Art of Interview Hacking.

Master conscious and unconscious techniques to make interviewers fall in love with you, and you never get passed up for a job again.

People Love our Course

Gemma S, VCE Art Teacher

"I genuinely enjoyed my experience learning more about human communication through a lens of social psychology and neuroscience. The content was interesting and delivered in a way that I could understand and relate to, despite its deep connection to science. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to enhance their confidence, likability, and employability prospects."

Manh N, International University Student

"Thank you, ZYGAVERSE, for providing this information in an entertaining course. Integrating these techniques into interviews and other professional situations really works. Understanding people and communication leads to many successes"

Suzan A, Engineering Student at La Trobe

"The Hidden Art of Interview Hacking was one of the most enjoyable courses I have attended. I was introduced to it at La Trobe university. Time flew when listening to the course and I highly recommend purchasing this course as it’s worth every penny. The interview information provided is crucial to land a great job. Thanks ZYGAVERSE!"

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Discover the proven psychological techniques you can use to nail your interview and land a high-paying job you love.

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The Hidden Art of Interview Hacking

Have nerves taken you hostage? Are you sick of being ghosted after a job interview? Is this an interview you can’t afford to bomb?

Whatever your reason for wanting to improve performance in your next interview, we’ve got you covered.

Our team has spent years talking to recruiters and hiring managers to find out exactly what they look for in candidates. We probed and prodded until they gave us everything. But we didn’t stop there, to make sure what we were hearing was factually correct we spent years combing through scientific and business research to see what types of behaviours, mannerisms, and techniques led to successful interview outcomes in the literature.

ZYGAVERSE has helped 1000’s of successful job seekers knock interviews out of the park and land jobs of their dreams. The Hidden Art of Interview Hacking course is so valuable that it’s been translated into different languages, sold by industry experts, and even advertised as an employability boosting micro-credential in Australian Universities. It really works!

In 2 action packed hours of content you will learn the secret behind successful interviews. Insights and proven techniques from many areas of science and business including social psychology, interpersonal communication, neuroscience, and recruitment are presented in an informative and entertaining way, with accompanying animations to ensure you get the most out of your learning experience.

Master techniques to affect interviewers consciously and subconsciously. Understand how hidden behaviours, expressions and body language can be the difference between getting hired or fired from your interview!

Throughout the course there are quizzes, downloadable resources, and practical take aways that will arm you with everything you need to succeed in your next interview. Using the techniques presented in this course is GUARANTEED to increase your employability and enhance your perceived value to employers.

Are you ready to become the successul professional you've always dreamed of?

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  • Uncover why you’ve been shaking hands the wrong way your entire life and how mastering this age-old ritual can help you make a memorable impression.
  • And much more…