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We understand how frustrating it can be when you send out a huge amount of job applications only to be ghosted by hiring managers.

It’s even more annoying that half the time your resumé isn’t even making it to a pair of human eyes because of the gatekeeper ATS.

These primitive technologies filter job applications and reject your resumé before it even reaches a real person.

It’s unfair and rather inconsiderate that companies aren’t taking the time to properly look at your resumé, so make sure this doesn’t happen to you by using the ATS Doc export feature we created to ensure your resumé is downloaded in a 100% ATS compatible format.

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When applying for jobs there’s one thing you need to know and it relates to how your job applications are handled.

When you submit a resumé for a job role there are 2 ways they are handled:

  • Personally
  • Via Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

Sending your resumé directly to someone via their email, for example, is a personal job application. It means you can design your resumé however you want. It can have professional icons, custom layouts, graphs, columns, fancy colours, and different fonts. In short, your resumé is allowed to look as AWESOME as you want it to. Heck, you can even send an online resumé via a link.

However, ATSs are a primitive form of technology used by companies to filter out job applicants for roles. It’s become a bedrock of employment, and most recruiters and employers are reliant on them.

494 Fortune 500 companies use an ATS! Their purpose is to scan through thousands of resumés and rank your resume based on keywords and its compatibility with the chosen ATS the organisation is using. This means big problems for YOU.

The Rusty ATS Robot is likely the reason you have not heard back from the 99 jobs you applied for in the last 6 months. Did you know 75% of applications are rejected before a human even sees them? Including yours!

There are 3 important things you need to know about creating a resumé that works for an ATS.

1. The resumé needs to be sent in as a standard MS Word DOC. If this doesn’t happen, the ATS can’t read it properly, and it rejects you.

2. Certain types of formatting, layouts, text boxes, tables, and document formats (PDFs) can’t be read by an ATS, which means it automatically rejects you or scores your resumé lower than others.

3. You need to copy in the keywords from the job advertisements you are applying for and repeat them a few times. The frequency of keywords in a resumé is one of the criteria an ATS uses as it scans your resumé (and luckily, companies always tell you what they are looking for in job descriptions they advertise).

We know what an effective resumé needs, and if you want to stop stressing about the quality of your resumé and wondering if it's going to get past those pesky ATS robots…

Then use the ATS Doc Export feature today. You'll be getting callbacks from dream jobs you applied for in no time!

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