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ZYGAVERSE Job-Winning Process

1. Create a CV with our free resumé building tool.

2. Improve your resumé quality with help from our Virtual Resumé Coach.

3. Get bombarded with callbacks from hiring managers.

4. Prepare for your interview with our Hidden Art of Interview Hacking Course.

5. Get Job Offers. So many that you'll have to go into hiding.

6. Become a successful professional and achieve your potential.

How much are unsuccessful job applications costing you?

Most people don't realise it, but unsuccessful job applications cost you a lot in terms of time, money, and career success.

  • You can waste months applying for jobs
  • You're missing out on paychecks every week
  • You have to spend longer working in a job
    you hate
  • Your career is being put on hold indefinitely
  • You could end up paying upwards of $350 for resumé-writing professionals
  • You are missing golden opportunities

Don't lose out any longer; start building your job-winning resumé today.

Our promise to you…

  • Under 24-hour response time for enquiries
  • Easy-to-use drag & drop resumé builder
  • Privacy with bank-level encryption of your data
  • Download your resumé as Word Doc, PDF or website
  • No hidden fees or nasty subscription costs
  • Lifetime access for features sign up or purchase
  • The easiest way to secure an interview and get a job
  • Word Doc downloads are 100% ATS compatible


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3 ways ZYGAVERSE can help you right now

1. Free Resumé Building Platform

Want to build a resumé fast without the headache? Our free resumé builder allows you to build an effective resumé without spending hours upon hours on it. You have the ability to…

  • Access pre-built templates
  • Drag and drop sections into your resumé
  • Manage and save different versions
  • Access it from any device
  • Download desired format (PDF, Word, HTML) for free.
  • Use it at any time
  • Create an ATS-compliant resumé

All of this and more, for free.

2. Virtual Resumé Coach

It’s not fair, and it’s definitely frustrating when job applications are rejected by silly robots (ATS) before a human even sees your resumé. It makes getting an interview much harder and adds confusion and complexity to the entire resumé-building process.

Who actually knows what the ATS robots are looking for in your resumé or what format it should be in to get a high ranking? Not to mention, what are recruiters really looking for in your resumé?

The Virtual Resumé Coach is a first of-it's-kind and guides you through section by section to help you complete your resumé, beat the computers and influence recruiters.

3. Hidden Art of Interview Hacking Course

Nobody should have to experience being ghosted after an interview.

At a minimum, interviewers should have the common decency to touch base with you and let you know the outcome. It is so annoying when they tell you they will get back to you but never do.

We crafted this course so that you never have to experience that again. With the information presented in this 2-hour university-approved short course, you will learn the Hidden Art of Interview Hacking.

Master conscious and unconscious techniques to make interviewers fall in love with you and never be passed up for a job again.

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"The resources and expertise ZYGAVERSE provides are very helpful for the whole job application journey. I’d recommend them to my friends for sure."

Richa W, Marketing Co-ordinator

"ZYGAVERSE helped me land the job that I’ve been working in for the last 2 years. The resumé coaching and interview preparation course they offer was a game changer."

Riley M, Excavator Operator

"Applying for jobs is hard & confusing, ZYGAVERSE improved it. Their resumé builder allowed me to manage all my applications and I had a job in no time. Thank you."

Jerrin M, Quality Control

Job-Winning Process with ZYGAVERSE

1. Build a resumé with ZYGAVERSE & improve your job applications

2. Get Job Offers. So many that you'll have to go into hiding.

3. Become a successful professional and achieve your potential.

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You can't afford to waste any more time with unsuccessful job applications

If you feel like you have the skills & experience and can do what it takes to succeed in the roles you're applying for, but you're being rejected job after job, you're not alone. The sad thing about the whole recruitment process is that most of the time, your job application isn't even making it to the hiring manager's desk. It's likely already been "discarded" by the rusty recruitment robots known as ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems).

ATSs rank your job application low if your resumé is not in the right format and if it doesn't have all the right keywords – with the right frequencies, that are deemed important for the role. Most of the time, it's not that you can't perform well or wouldn't be a good fit for the jobs that you're applying for… it means your resumé and job application are letting you down.

There are two things you need to do to land an interview…

Firstly you must have a resumé in the correct format (ATS compliant) and the right document type (e.g. MS Word). This ensures that your resumé will be effectively parsed by the Applicant Tracking Systems that most recruiters and organisations use during the hiring process.

Secondly, make sure your resumé is appealing to the needs and wants of the hiring managers. When they look at your resumé, there are a few key sections, words, and capabilities they look for. Recruiters spend an average of 6 seconds looking at your CV, meaning it is super important to capture their attention fast and hook them in, so they spend more time getting to know you and subsequently offering you a job interview.

Our virtual Resumé Coach assists you in building a resumé that achieves the exact outcomes required. We spent years talking to career coaches, recruiters, hiring managers, and HR professionals to package up their insights for you. Go and create a job-winning CV with the ZYGAVERSE virtual Resumé Coach, which prescribes the ideal layout, formatting plus valuable content recommendations.

Don't waste another day; land an interview now with the help of our Resumé Coach.

Let us help you get hired!

Want to up your job application game even more and land your dream job even faster?

Download our Get Hired Framework (GHF) now; it’s absolutely FREE!

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  • The #1 thing your job application NEEDS to STAND OUT
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  • 3 fatal mistakes people make when applying for a job and how to avoid them
  • The truth about hiring managers and the #1 thing they look for in an application
  • A secret tip on applying as a graduate or for changing careers
  • The world's toughest interview question and how to answer it

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Want to write cover letters that mesmerise hiring managers?

In our travels, we've learned exactly what hiring managers want to see in a cover letter and created a free Killer Cover Letter guide for you.

How to Write a Killer Cover Letter will teach you how to:

  • Write a great cover letter & why you need one
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